Unlock the Power of Ecommerce Acceleration! Our Accelerator program is designed for seed-stage ecommerce businesses with a strong team and proprietary technology, ready to scale into international markets. If you’re actively committed to your business and generating consistent revenue, we invite you to apply. No application fees!

Criteria statement

We are primarily focused on seed stage ecommerce companies with a strong team, proprietary technology, and the potential to grow into big and international markets. We require business owners to be actively involved in their business on a full time basis. Our Accelerator program is a good fit if you are looking to scale an existing business that already generates consistent revenue. To start the process, please complete this online application form.

Review and selection process

We don’t charge a fee for application submissions. Once we have processed your submitted application, you will be contacted by our team if we require any additional information. The decision for onboarding into the Accelerator program will be made by our board members in cooperation with mentors. We aim to avoid onboarding companies from the same or similar niches during the same accelerator program.

You will need to make yourself available for an interview with a panel of our board members and potentially provide extra materials. Normally such an interview would take no more than 30 minutes.

Pitching and Funding

Board members invest directly. They collaborate in the due diligence but make individual investment decisions. This also provides an opportunity for an organised due diligence group of angels to be formed for the purpose of evaluating the company, negotiating a set of terms, and proceeding with an investment.