Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester 2024: Workshop Recap and Materials. Delve deeper into the dynamic world of digital commerce. Explore the highlights and key takeaways!

Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester 2024

Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester​

On February 29th, 2024, ecommerce business owners, industry experts, and enthusiasts visited our intensive workshop – Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and it’s all thanks to our incredible speakers & attendees!


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The Heartfelt Thanks​

We would like to take a moment to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who joined us. Your enthusiasm, engagement, and passion for ecommerce were truly inspiring.

A special thanks to our partner hosting provider, Ans, and to Ryan Martin for providing us with a fantastic venue and organizing such a warm welcome.

We express our gratitude to the speakers and esteemed SEO experts from DarkHorse, as well as the ecommerce experts from MageCloud. Feel free to explore all the presentations from our speakers below.

And, of course, a heartfelt thank you to our amazing paparazzi team who captured the best and most amusing moments below.

If you’d like to relive the wonderful moments, you can check out the event photos on Google Photos. Feel free to share anything that resonates with you.

Ecommerce Boost Day Manchester Recap & Materials


How Technologies And AI Will Transform Ecommerce

Ryan from the leading ecommerce hosting provider Ans shared his thoughts about AI and the technology landscape, menshioned the newest trends in the ecommerce market, and how it will be transformed soon.

Ryan Martin 
Head of Indirect, Ans 

With a decade of sales and account management expertise, Ryan is dedicated to propelling digital transformation, especially driving innovation in the SMB sector.


30 Usability Changes You Need to Implement

Discover the 30 game-changing usability tweaks to revolutionize your customer experience.

From seamless navigation to conversion-boosting strategies, unlock the secrets to creating a shopper-friendly platform that drives sales and leaves a lasting impression.

Paul Ryazanov
CEO | MageCloud

Seasoned ecommerce analyst and consultant with a remarkable 14-year track record, speaker at Conversion Conference, PubCon, CloudCon, and SFIMA-PubCon.


Ecommerce SEO is evolving - how to prepare for success in 2024

Henry presented an interactive talk on how Ecommerce SEO is evolving and how to prepare for success in 2024. This workshop will include the following topics:

  1. The evolving organic SERP landscape – this will cover how to capitalise on the new SERP features that are getting more prominence. 

  2. How to best optimise your PLPs – these are the traditional money-makers for SEO, so you need to make sure you optimise the f*** out of them.

  3. UGC for ecommerce SEO – how, where, and why you should be leveraging UGC to improve your rankings, traffic, and revenue. 

  4. The small things that brands overlook – organic Google shopping, reviews, merchandising etc. 

Henry Smith
Head of SEO, Dark Horse

With over 7 years of experience, Henry is an expert in all things SEO, with an extensive knowledge of content, technical, and digital PR.


Mastering Ecommerce PPC: Ethan's Top 5 Strategies for Optimal Performance

Ethan presented key insights and actionable tips to elevate your PPC game, including:

  1. Seasonality Adjustments: he explained how to navigate limited campaigns and optimise campaigns to adapt to seasonal adjustments, ensuring your PPC efforts remain effective year-round.

  2. Best Landing Page Tips: shared advice on crafting high-converting landing pages tailored for Ecommerce Websites.

  3. Asset Group Splitting Based on Audiences: uncovered the power of audience segmentation and how strategically splitting asset groups can amplify your reach and engagement, maximising the impact of your PPC campaigns.

  4. PMAX Shopping Only / Search & Shopping Only: focused on the nuances of these strategies, on their implementation, providing insights into optimising your approach for superior results.

  5. Tackling Automated YouTube Assets: explained the complexities of automated YouTube assets, including unique video creation tips.

Ethan Lambert
PPC Executive | Darkhorse

Passionate and creative individual devoted to marketing through compelling narratives, emotional connections, and thought-provoking experiences.

Email Marketing: Crafting Effective Campaigns That Convert

This session covered everything from creating compelling subject lines, to segmenting your audience and measuring success.

Mel shared a complete email marketing strategy that allows businesses to accomplish four key goals:

• To connect directly with their audience even after they’ve left 
• To nurture leads with education about your products and services
• To make calls to action, like purchasing a product or registering for an event
• To build brand loyalty.

Melanie Day
Head of Ecommerce, Magecloud

Mel has strong experience in crafting and managing email marketing, mainly in the ecommerce sector, over the past 5 years. Mel understands how to get a good ROI, build strong campaigns, and create customer loyalty.

Networking and discussion

Attendees enjoyed networking with industry experts and fellow business owners after the workshop.

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