Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023: Conference Recap and Materials. Delve deeper into the dynamic world of digital commerce.

Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023

Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023: Recap & Materials

On September 15th, 2023, the UK ecommerce enthusiasts came together for Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and it’s all thanks to our incredible speakers & attendees!

The Heartfelt Thanks

We want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you who joined us. Your enthusiasm, engagement, and passion for ecommerce were truly inspiring.

What's Next

But the excitement doesn’t stop here. We’re hard at work curating valuable resources, insights, and updates from Ecommerce Camp. Stay tuned as we continue to share the knowledge and experiences.

Ecommerce is an ever-evolving landscape, and together, we’re navigating its exciting twists and turns.

Until next time, keep exploring, keep innovating, and keep excelling in the world of ecommerce!

Ecommerce Camp Chester Materials

We’re thrilled to share the presentations from our incredible speakers at Ecommerce Camp Chester 2023.

Below, you’ll find links to access and download all the goodies.


From £5,000/month to £250,000/month: E-commerce Business Transformation

Roger Firth
Owner | A&E Leisure (Northwich)

“Starting from a caravan service business, we explored many different agencies and attempted to build an e-commerce store. Having experienced burnout multiple times, we embarked on our own journey to integrate and tailor e-commerce into our business independently. Initially making £5,000 a month, we expanded our e-commerce business to generate £250,000 a month in revenue. This accomplishment laid the groundwork for our future growth and plans. Discover more about the challenges, victories, and the overall journey.”


ecommerce camp chester francesco content

Ecommerce Content Structure 101: From Zero To Hero

Francesco Baldini
SEO Consultant

“A simple but effective method to develop your content structure when you’re starting out or want to expand your business. From what is content to what to publish.”


ecommerce camp chester ethan ppc

Achieving Optimal Ecommerce PPC Returns with Performance Max

Ethan Lambert
PPC Executive | Darkhorse

“As Performance Max takes the Google Ads platform by storm, businesses are witnessing an unprecedented level of automation, sometimes leading to a perceived loss of control. But fear not, there’s a way to regain your competitive edge. Join Ethan in this insightful talk, where he will unveil the secrets to conquering Google’s Performance Max campaign type.”


ecommerce camp chester will luxury brand

Betting 100% online in a luxury segment

Will McClymont
Head of Ecommerce | The Pen Shop (Leeds)

“In 1946 we opened Britains first specialist writing store and scaled to over 30 stores and concessions across the UK. In 2023 we closed our final two stores to concentrate solely on online sales. In this presentation I will go through this journey and how The Pen Shop not just survived, but thrived, by swapping brick and mortar retail for E-commerce.”


Ecommerce trends in 2023

Enjoy our panel discussion about upcoming e-commerce trends. Our top speakers will be happy to answer any questions.

Albie Attias
Managing Director, 
Evaris Solutions Ltd (Manchester)

David Lenehan
General Manager,  Europe Radwell International (Blackburn)

Dave Solomon
E-commerce Consultant (Birkenhead)


From Fighting With Google To £400K Revenue A Month

Eugene Ole
CEO | DroiX (London)

“I started my e-commerce journey when I was a full-time Software Engineer. After work, I searched for an Android-based device that could connect to my TV. I took the leap and registered DroidBOX with Companies House on the 27th of June 2013, from my living room. At the time, DroidBOX was a team of 2 people, and we would pack orders in the living room, then drive the Royal Mail bags to the post office. We faced various challenges during our journey, such as conflicts with Google, growth in the UK market, and expansion into the US. Despite the challenges, we managed to boost our store into a £400K/month business.”


Making your brand uniquely you

Del Manning
Founder | Relish Integrated

In a competitive world, with increased competition, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Del Manning is a brand strategy expert who will explain how businesses can find their ‘unique’ and use that to leverage standout and preference in the marketplace.


How To Get 300% ROI From Email Marketing

Melanie Day
Head of Marketing | Mountain Valley (London)

“If your revenue from email marketing is less than 20% – you are doing something wrong. Empower your email marketing channel with proper email sequences and generate up to 300% ROI.”


How Technologies And AI Will Transform Ecommerce

Join the leading e-commerce providers’ panel about AI and the technology landscape. Learn about the newest trends in the e-commerce market and how it will be transformed in the near future.

Ryan Martin 

Head of Indirect, Ans (Manchester)

Peter Yeung

Partnerships Director, Sonassi

Tom Smith

Senior Partner Manager, Mollie

Giles Eida

VP of Partnerships,


How To Select The Proper Technology And Marketing Partner

A fireside chat with:

Francesco Baldini
SEO Consultant

Andrew Maylor
Head of Sales,

Kyle Bloor
Managing director,
MageCloud UK


Networking in a Chester Market

Enjoying networking in a Chester Market after the show.

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