Social media has become a primary source of information, communication, and entertainment for many people. This presents an incredible opportunity for ecommerce businesses to connect with their target audience and drive sales via social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Welcome to Ecommerce Camp, where today’s topic is Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising.

There are a lot of different social networks. Some use them just for organic traffic or as personal pages, while others use them for business. Some have converted this traffic into leads and sales.

Today, we discuss how to convert this traffic and engage readers into leads and sales.

We’ll explore which social networks are suitable for your business, startup, or ecommerce and understand audience overlap.

Additionally, we’ll collaborate to set up a simple advertising campaign on Facebook. Facebook stands as the most popular social network, integrated with almost all CMS platforms like WordPress or Commerce.

I believe that good marketing and a complex approach could generate many leads and sales.

Let’s start by discussing five myths about social media marketing—what people say versus reality.

Myths about social media marketing

1. There are just teenagers

social media marketing target audience
Many customers whom I talked to told me that there are just teenagers on social media and they can’t sell their products on some social networks, for example, TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat.
But in real life, the audience across all the social networks is almost the same. Somewhere there are more teenagers, it’s true, like on TikTok, somewhere with the oldest audience, but in general, the average age of social network users is 18–34 years. This is the biggest part of the audience that uses social networks.
You also should know that many customers can say that they don’t use social networks, or maybe they don’t have an account on social networks like TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, but the truth is that they use them; they can’t create an account, but anyway, they can view them. Many users post nothing on any social network, but they view, read, and watch what other people post.

2. Do they listen to me?

Sometimes I think you see that social media shows you ads about something you just talked about with your wife or husband or with friends. It seems very strange because it seems like social networks listen to us and use our microphones to show ads and collect information.
I can’t say that they don’t use microphones because there is no open information about it. But the truth is that social networks used artificial intelligence for a long time before we all started using Chat GPT or some similar tools.
And their algorithms listen to us; they check what we like, comment on, or see. Or even if we open some page, even if we are not looking into some social network but visit some websites, for example, to check or book tickets, these websites usually have Pixels integrated [Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Pixel, or Google Pixel].
These Pixels track all the information about us and even if we just Google some [I don’t know, a ticket to New York for example], Facebook can show us the ad with the tickets or the cheapest price or service to find the cheapest ticket because they checked that we visited some websites with cheap prices or Googled it.
But I don’t think they use microphones, and I believe in it. I would like to believe it.

3. Social networks eat a lot of money

It depends on the social network, and it depends on your goals. The average CPC is different from network to network.
The most expensive cost per click is on LinkedIn. It starts from $2 per click and on average, it’s about $5 per click. The cheapest it’s on Twitter and Facebook about 40 cents and $1, so depends on your goals.
The price of your advertisement and the budget for your advertisement will be different. But if you set up everything correctly, you can collect leads for a very good price and maybe even be cheap.
We very often collect cheap leads on Facebook for our customers, and then we calculate the conversion rate from the list we’ve collected.
For example, for one client from the United Arab Emirates, we collected about one and a half thousand leads per month, and then their sales representative worked with them, and the conversion rate was about 40 percent from these leads. The price was okay for the customer.

4. social network doesn't work for my business

It’s not true. Social networks work for any business, and you can verify this in the search bar on any social network.
We can check it right now. For example, there is a good tool called the Facebook Ad Library and with this tool, we can see what any business advertises and what type of ads they use.
For example, we can check for the United Kingdom under all ads, and let’s check for the category of swimming.
social media marketing meta facebook ad library
Here, we can see many different ads from different businesses. We can see everything they use: some use stories, some use images, and others use videos.
We can also see some details about these ads:
  • who launched it;
  • when it was launched;
  • what text do they use;
  • what photos, etc.

We can do it for any business and any category.

And it’s the way we usually check the competitors or search for some new ideas when we create new creatives for advertising campaigns.
Hence, advertising on social networks applies to any business.
Lastly, for anyone suggesting that social networks aren’t effective for sales, the reality is that the conversion rate on Facebook, which we’ll discuss today as it’s the most popular platform, averages about five percent (5%).
Comparatively, the conversion rate on Google, for instance, is even higher. This variance is due to the different advertising methods employed between these platforms.


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