Ashley Hainsworth

Director, Flair Furniture Ltd

Ashley Hainsworth is a Company Director of Flair Furniture Ltd which owns several online furniture websites including Bed Kingdom, a Yorkshire-based ecommerce business specialising in children’s beds and a broad range of bedroom furniture.

Hainsworth founded the company in 2011 as a university project-turned-business with just £400. Since then, Bed Kingdom has grown significantly, reaching a turnover of £15m in 2023, up from just £2m five years ago.

The company boasts over 12,000 SKUs and has seen website traffic triple since the beginning of 2022. Despite the challenges of recruitment, Bed Kingdom has tripled its number of employees to 30 in the last 12 months and is investing in professional development.

The company’s recent expansion into sustainable and eco-friendly furniture has proven successful. And Hainsworth’s ambition is to achieve a £20m turnover by the end of 2023.