Birju Umeria

Ecommerce Expert / Director, Wide Fit Shoes LTd

Birju Umeria is the director of Wide Fit Shoes, a company specializing in wide-fitting shoes for customers who find it difficult to purchase comfortable shoes that fit.

Umeria’s family opened their first shoe-repair shop in 1977 in Camden, North London, and eventually began selling shoes. The family discovered their niche in 1988 when they started specializing in wide-fitting shoes, trainers, and other footwear, with customers beating a trail to their door to buy a product they couldn’t find elsewhere.

The company has sales figures that prove its success, shifting around 20,000 pairs of shoes a year and hitting £3.2 million of sales in 2021, with an aim to reach £25 million by 2025.

Umeria’s digital savvy and his overhaul of the company’s digital platform contributed to the doubling in revenues over the past year. While the company has worked with celebrities, Umeria believes that its success is also attributed to its ability to offer customer service and connect with customers as a family business.

The company’s expansion plan includes ensuring the infrastructure is in place to accommodate future growth and persuading manufacturers to embrace inclusivity.

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