Claudia Ricco

Founder and CEO, Rewind Vintage Affairs Ltd.

Claudia Ricco is a vintage Chanel expert, who has dedicated her career to curating the best selection of archive Chanel pieces for her online boutique, Rewind Vintage.

With over 18 years of experience, Claudia has become a leading authority on the brand’s fabled history and has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted vintage Chanel dealers in the industry.

Claudia’s passion for vintage Chanel began in 2003 when she started collecting archive pieces. Her meticulous attention to detail and keen eye for quality allowed her to build a vast and exceptional collection, which soon caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. 

Claudia’s dedication to vintage Chanel and her expertise in the brand’s history have made her a highly respected figure in the fashion industry. She has built a business that not only offers customers access to rare and sought-after pieces but also provides a glimpse into the lives and wardrobes of socialites past and present.

With Claudia at the helm, Rewind Vintage has become a go-to destination for vintage Chanel lovers and collectors worldwide.