Jack Lin

President, Niche Webstores Inc. / BikeBerry Inc.

Jack Lin is a founder of BikeBerry, a large USA online retailer that specialises in bicycles and accessory kits—most notably engines for motorized two-wheelers.

Lin has always been dedicated to keeping existing customers engaged and maximizing customer spending, but he realized that discount-driven retention campaigns were becoming too expensive.

We were spending a ton of money on customer acquisition and not enough on our existing customer base.

At BikeBerry, the challenge of retaining customers was addressed with a personalized approach. With the assistance of an external team, they developed a system that creates customised retention campaigns for each BikeBerry customer.

The system analyses various data points such as browsing behavior, purchase history, demographic information, and behavioral data to provide the most effective and relevant recommendations.

As a result of this approach, BikeBerry experienced significant growth in both sales and user activity, with an immediate increase of 133% and 200%, respectively. Additionally, the number of return customers doubled, and they spent over 30% more than before.

If you’re an ecommerce business owner looking to enhance your retention strategy, Lin is available to share his insights and experience on this topic.