Melanie Day

Ecommerce Manager, Trading Depot UK Ltd

After starting out my career as a graphics designer, I noticed the internet was going to be big and so decided to change my path by enrolling on a web design and development course. Whilst working full time I completed the course in my spare time and graduated from the London Metropolitan University almost 2 years later in 2010.

At this time, I took my learnings and moved onto a new role working within what was a predominantly print based design agency at the time and helped them transform to become a web specialist agency. I managed designing and developing various industry sector sites including British Gas, BP, My Family Care and Verbatim. In addition, I helped setup reseller hosting for clients.

Having gained a lot of knowledge and contacts over the years, I decided to set up my own business called ‘Launch Yourself Online’. I built websites for new small to medium businesses and trained them on maintaining them. In addition, I worked as a contractor and advisor for larger businesses to help project manage new builds, website migrations and new system integrations etc.

Now I am an ecommerce manager for a blue-chip client and with my wealth of knowledge am helping take their business from strength to strength.

Over the years I have seen the birth of ecommerce to where it stands today and all the tools now available to boost your business.

Skills: Ecommerce Management, CMS Systems, Shipping Strategy (Stocked and Drop Ship), User Experience and Acceptance Testing (UX & UAT), Product Lifecycle Management, Product Information Management, Category Merchandising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Shopping Ads, Microsoft / Bing Shopping Ads, Email Marketing Flows.

I have an extremely agile and methodical mindset to spot holes, address and streamline a business. In fact I’ve been titled the process queen for some years now wherever I work but with good reason.