Peter Dennis

Managing Director, eModels Ltd

After college I worked as a windows 2000 network administrator. I also gained a lot of experience in web development.

Following on, I worked in IT support developing e-commerce and tickets solutions for the UK and Europe.

On the side I supported and developed many e-commerce websites and have been doing this for 23 years. I also did 5 years consultancy for e-commerce businesses start ups.

15 years ago I started specialising in models kits for the scale model enthusiasts, which turns over more than two million. I have 2 other businesses in real estate.

I continue to help many e-commerce businesses grow from strength to strength.

Out side of work I love spending time with my wife. I play badminton and love socialising with people in general.

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. - Dr. Emmett Brown