Shahid Nazir

Managing Director, Vapoholic Ltd. / Ecig Vapers Ltd.

Shahid Nazir is the CEO of Vapoholic E Liquid, who has strong expertise in exploring unexplored market possibilities, coupled with a diverse manufacturing R&D background and a proven track record of implementing profitable business models. He leads a team of carefully selected specialists who are committed to driving innovation and creativity in the production of market-leading trade goods.

Vapoholic E Liquid is an innovative online e-liquid store based in Manchester, UK. The company is dedicated to providing customers with premium quality vape juices at affordable prices, without compromising on taste, safety, or satisfaction.

Founded in 2017 by a team of vapers who were frustrated with the high cost and poor quality of e-liquids, Vapoholic set out to fill the gap between cheap and overpriced brands. Today, the company produces its own e-juice and nicotine shots in an ISO7 Cleanroom environment using the highest grade pharmaceutical ingredients, ensuring TPD compliance and the highest standards of quality, flavor, and vapor production.

Vapoholic’s pricing strategy is based on fair prices, not profiteering. By manufacturing its own products and buying raw materials in bulk, the company is able to pass the savings directly to its customers.