Will McClymont

Head of E-Commerce and Corporate Sales, The Pen Shop

I started my journey as Thai boxing coach and after some years as a professional fighter and coach, I moved to Abu Dhabi to set up and run a coaching company. It was this start that piqued my curiosity in the digital marketing world. After building the company up I made the decision to move back to the UK in which I joined The Pen Shop, a luxury pen retailer. 

The Pen Shop was once the largest pen retailer in Europe with over 30 stores process Europe. Over time, The Pen Shop was late in optimising their E-commerce presence. That, paired with two platform changes, meant that there was a lot of work that needed to be implemented to start competing on an E-comm basis, it was at this point that I joined the company. 

The custom platform that the company was using was proving to be very expensive and limiting so I made the decision to change the platform to Woo Commerce in which I headed up the full migration. The Pen Shop fulfils out of its two stores rather than a warehouse making finding an ERP system that facilitates this very difficult. 

During this process I became an expert in all things stock, order and fulfilment management. The company now operates a very efficient, cost effective and streamlined operation.